Where music is as convenient as a light switch.

Imagine your favorite music available at your fingertips from any room in your home. Advances in distributed audio/video systems now make it possible to have a single home entertainment system that can be enjoyed anywhere in your home. With our multi-zone and multi-source systems, you can listen to a CD in the den while someone else listens to the radio in the kitchen. Even a movie playing in the family room can be viewed simultaneously in the bedroom.

Many of the multi-room systems incorporate keypads that can duplicate the functions of your stereo receiver and other components. They can be located in any room where you wish to have complete control of your entertainment system. Also, each keypad can contain an infrared receiver, so it can be operated with a remote control. Now you can enjoy music and entertainment effortlessly in any room of the house.

By using today's in-wall and ceiling-mount speakers as an alternative to traditional box-type speakers, you no longer need to plan your decor with your speakers as the focal point of the room. A wide variety of sizes allow room design flexibility without sacrificing performance.

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