Why Structured Wiring:

  • Plug and Play  - Because all of the cables run back to a Central Wiring Panel the homeowner can easily change how and what individual cables are connected to and what they are used for.
  • Troubleshooting - Each cable can be individually isolated and tested for shorts and opens as need be.
  • No Splices - Splices are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference and, quite simply, are not needed in a Structure Wiring system.
  • Consistent Signal Quality - With all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connected to the same source and access the same signal level.
  • Data Networking - This is one of the main reasons for installing a Structured Wiring system. with multiple PC's in a home the homeowner will want the ability for all the PC's to be networked. Network PC's would allow a number of things to happen.
  • Internet Connection Sharing - The ability to have multiple PC's sharing a single internet connection.
  • File Sharing - Having the ability to access files located on any of the PC's hard disk from any other PC.
  • Networking - The ability to use devices such as scanners and printers from any of the PC's.

A Structured Wiring system can incorporate any combination of wiring types. TRECC Electric uses some of the highest quality cables recommended.

Here are some of the wiring types to choose from:

  • Data: Cat5e, Cat6, Or higher
  • Video: Component, HDMI, and/or Fiber
  • Telephone: Cat5e 
  • Audio/Video: Monster Cable
  • Fiber Optic
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