Integrate the control of all of your electronic equipment including all of your home theater and music components as well as your entire movie and music library. No more piles of remote controls with tiny buttons to navigate, just one easy-to-use screen.

In your home theater room, a simple touch can close the drapes, adjust the room temperature, lower the light level, reveal a hidden movie screen and begin projecting the movie of your choice with the accompanying seven-channel surround sound.

Telephone systems, satellite communications systems, computer networks, air conditioning - as well as audio, video, security and automation - is luxuriously connected through an integrated control system.

Our expertise includes:

  • Music anywhere
  • Lighting control
  • Climate and shade
  • Networks
  • Phone and Intercom
  • Structured wiring
  • Engineering and installation
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Quality installation
  • After-sale service

Five steps to achieve the perfect home theater:

  • Possibility Let one of our experienced engineers guide you to your perfect system by visiting your home to measure and design the layout for the space where you want your home theater and to discuss the different options and pricing.
  • Engineering Once the general parameters and pricing is set, we will design your complete system while taking into account all factors that affect image and sound quality, such as sound dampening, lighting control and system control.
  • Installation Your home theater will be installed by our engineers using the finest quality cables, creating the professional appearance you expect.
  • Calibration We will professionally calibrate your entire system to achieve the best sound and image possible. This includes using sophisticated audio and video calibration equipment to "hear" and "see" the output of your home theater. Minor adjustments to the video settings and audio settings can make the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary experience.
  • Follow-up As a part of our service guarantee we are available to return to your home to perform complimentary recalibration and to answer any questions you may have.
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